Corporate Governance


GC Marketing Solutions company, as a polymer marketing arm of GC Group and other related services, has established a policy with the corporate governance (CG) since December 2008.

The handbook of the corporate governance principle was distributed to the Board of Directors, managements and employees as a working guideline to conduct the business efficiently through excellent management ,ethics policy as well as responsibilities to customers and social,transparency and accountability. CG is considered a standard code of conduct for GCM. Moreover, CG is the part of an important role in driving the company to achieve its goal



GC Marketing Solutions company’s success depends on every employee who determines to work hard to satisfy our clients with our product and services.

The company has an obligation to respond to client’s expectations with responsible performance. Therefore the company’s main policy makes it a priority to build a good relationship with clients under business ethics and laws in order to show our good governance and gain clients’ trust which will lead to stable and sustainable business management.