FAQs : Corporate

Who is GCM?

GC Marketing Solutions Company Limited (GCM) formerly PTT Polymer Marketing Company Limited (PTTPM), a leading company in polymer distribution and a subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Company Limited (GC) , was established in June 2005.

GCM plays a key role in providing marketing activities and distributing polymer products of petrochemical business of GC Group.

The company runs its business with a registered capital 40 million baht, the shareholders are as follows.

1) PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) 99%.

2) Solution Creation Company Limited 1%.

Where are GCM representative offices or branches?

GCM headquarter is located at No. 555/1, Energy Complex Building A, 9th Floor, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

To further enable proximate access to our valued customers, GCM has established local subsidiaries, the first at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the second at Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and the latest at Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Moreover, GCM has representative offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai in China. We will continuously expand our network to better serve the customers worldwide. 

Detailed information on the Company and its subsidiaries


What is GCM operating days and hours?

GCM opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs. You can contact through 02-140-4488 or  http://www.gcmgrp.com/Web/contact

What standard has GCM obtained?

GCM aims for creating value to our customers. We are certified standards and awards, including

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Q-MARK
  • IDC Enterprise
  • Innovation Awards 2010
  • TCC BEST Award
  • Thailand Quality Class 2016
  • Corporate Governance Award in 2018

We also ensure our accountability by follow the Corporate Good Governance (CG) framework since 2007.

FAQs : Sales and Marketing

What are GCM distributed products?

GCM offer variety type of polymer to serve plastic industries as follows:

  • Products HDPE: Brand InnoPlus
  • Products LLDPE: Brand InnoPlus
  • Products mLLDPE: Brand InnoPlus
  • Products LDPE: Brand InnoPlus
  • Products GPPS/ HIPS : Brand Diarex and Brand Polimaxx
  • Products PP Brand Moplen and Brand Polimaxx
  • Products Bioplastic Environmental friendly BioPlastics (PLA & PBS)
  • Product PET ,PVC, PC, PMMA, PE Wax
  • Product Purging compound : Brand X PURGE

With the trust and recognition for its quality, GCM has been distributing more than 10 million tons of polymer products to more than 100 countries worldwide since 2005.

What is InnoPlus

"InnoPlus" is a brand of polyethylene products of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited working at production capacity as follows:

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) at 800,000 tons / year
Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) at 400,000 tons / year
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) at 300,000 Tons / year

For more details https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/

What is Diarex?

"Diarex" is a brand of Polystyrene products of GC Styrenics Company Limited, a subsidiary of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, Its total capacity of GPPS and HIPS is 90,000 tons / year

What is BioPlastic?

Bioplastics are plastics derived from agricultural raw materials (Biobased) and petroleum (Petrobased). Bioplastics have plastic-like qualification which can be melted and formed by general processes with general machines; only slight adjustment may be needed.

Biobase Bioplastics are produced by fermentation process to convert agricultural raw materials into Monomer which will be processed into plastic further.

The most familiar raw materials used to produce Bioplastics are corn starch, cassava, and sugar and in the future they may be produced from rice straw.

Currently, bioplastics have been developed and are ready to operate commercially, such as Polylactic Acid or PLA and Polybutylene Succinate or PBS.

GCM distributes PLA under the brand "Ingeo" produced by Natureworks USA and PBS under the brand "BioPBS" produced by GCM Biochem.

More product details https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/product-app.aspx?id=35

What is X PURGE?

"X PURGE" is a brand of high efficiency Purging Compound which has expertise in cleaning the barrel and screw without dismantling the machine.

X PURGE is suitable for various types of machine including injection molding, blow molding, blown film, extrusion machines, tubes and profiles and it can be used for both single and twin screw machines.

X PURGE is fast and safe option to maximize your production efficiency.

More product details https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/product-app.aspx?id=111

Which industries can the distributed products satisfy?

Diversity of GCM products can satisfy in several industries such as the packaging industry, agriculture, construction, electronics, textiles, and other products,

More product details https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/default.aspx

What are GCM distribution channels?

GCM distribute our products both domestically and internationally directly to customers and through our agent.

Please contact +66 2-140-4488

FAQs : Technical Support

How to contact GCM if you are interested in developing new product with GCM?

Your enquiry on developing new product is greatly welcomed. You can contact us via the Website https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/default.aspx or directly contact with our Product Development Engineer through tel. +66 2-140-4488

What certified standards and requirements GCM products have?

“InnoPlus” Polyethylene products (HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE) are standard quality certified including FDA, RoHS, REACH TIS. (TIS), GMP, HACCP, ISO9001 ISO14001, JHOSPA, HALAL and etc.
More information can be found at. https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/default.aspx

If you need a certificate of product quality standards, what can be done?

You can contact through website https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/default.aspx   and select Contact Us. And you can contact our technical service engineer through telephone number +66 2-140-4488.

How to receive Product Catalogue / Datasheet?

You can study more product details at https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/default.aspx   by selecting Product and Download “Technical Data Sheet document

How to troubleshoot InnoPlus product?

You can view detail directly at https://www.gcmgrp-techinfo.com/default.aspx   by selecting Technical Knowledge and Troubleshooting.

If you are unable to resolve the problem, you can contact our technical service engineer through telephone number +66 2-140-4488.

What are domestic delivery method and packaging types?

GC Logistic Solutions Co., Ltd. (GCL) is a provider of domestic shipments which has delivery method and packaging types as followed


4 wheel truck payload up to 1 ton.
6 wheel truck payload up to 6.5 tons.
10 wheel truck payload up to 15 tons.
Tank Car payload up to 23-28 tons.


A bag of 25 kg. (Loose bag).
A bag of 25 kg. (On Pallet).
Bag of 750 kg. (Big Bag) placed on pallets.
Tank Car

What are abroad delivery method and packaging types?

GC Logistics Solutions (GCL) is a provider of international shipments which has delivery method and packaging types as followed

By Ship
  • 20-foot container loads up to 20 tons.
  • 40-foot container loads up to 25 tons.
  • LCL
By Truck
  • 10-wheel truck payload up to 15 tons.
  • Trailer payload up to 24 tons.
  • A bag of 25 kg. (Loose bag).
  • A bag of 25 kg placed on pallets (Wrap on Pallet).
  • Bag of 800 kg. (Big Bag) placed on pallets.
  • Sea Bulk

What is E-DO?

E-DO (Electronic - Delivery Order) is a domestic delivery service.

signing the invoice on an electronic device to forward to the center and distributed information to the customer in real time. If you are interested, you can contact Order Management (Domestic) Section Tel. 02-140-4325

How can I report domestic delivery problems?

You can contact Order Management Section tel. 02-140-4325, 091-771 -5338, we shall reply as soon as possible.

How can I report damaged product caused by delivery?

For domestic delivery, you can return the product with the delivery vehicle and identify defected product detail and complaints into E-DO system or in the Delivery Order.

For aboard shipping:

1. Contact Insurance companies and the shipping company or its representative in the country of destination, including companies from the Third Party to join survey the damage.
2. Prepare invoice number, container number, quantity found damaged.
3. Provide information on location where damage is found, take photo of damaged container and products as soon as damages are found.
4. Report the problem to your area Sales Manager, together with sending documents under section 1-3.

After the company's operations are notified, we shall reply as soon as possible.

Payment channels for domestic and international customers

GCM partners with leading banks, both domestic and international including BBL, SCB, KBANK, SCBT, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, CITIBANK, TMB and CIMB.

You can transfer money through the above banks or pay through E-Invoice.

E-Invoice system

E-Invoice system provides transaction services, such as Tax Invoice downloading, bills payment, credit verification, E-Guarantee and browse reports through various electronic devices or systems access to the internet

The security of financial transactions via E-Invoice.

OTP is employed in our E-Invoice service. This One Time Password is generated in various formats and can be used only once for each time you log on to help prevent data theft.

E-Invoice is designed to be a connective between customers and banks and to send payment information to banks.

A customer must login bank’s system to approved payment, the bank then transfer the money to GCM registered account.

Advantages of E-Invoice?

You can get a quick access to the system from anywhere with access to the internet which help save times. You can browse the report and information through E-Invoice. It also can reduce the use of paper (Paper less).

How to subscribe E-Invoice?

To subscribe to the E-Invoice system, simply fill out the request form by contacting a loan officer GCM (administrator) Tel. 02-140-4470 Mr. Kovit and 02-140-4457 Miss Patraporn.

Then you can download "GCM eINVOICE" application without any cost and it is compatible for both IOS and Android.

What is BPO?

BPO or Bank Payment Obligation is a payment method for international customers. It is similar to Electronic Letter of Credit (L/C) by guaranteeing payment by the Obligor Bank to the Recipient Bank. Thus, a major difference is the use of computer system to verify export documentation to reduce human errors and save time.

In the BPO service, the bank of exporters and importers will have to accept the rules that apply to the transaction and use Electronic data Matching System as a channel for receiving - transmitting data between banks, and monitoring (match) the export data with the purchase order. If the information is correct, bank importers are required to pay under the conditions specified.

When did GCM start using BPO?

GCM is the first company using BPO for the export business in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The first transaction was through Siam Commercial Bank and Bank of China as the Obligor Bank of our customer on 12 December 2012. Currently, Standard Chartered Thai and Bangkok Bank have joined us (with the amount more than 61 shipments) including customers in China, Germany, and Turkey.